Rich and Pam told us that they had never been inside a log home before, but had seen many from the outside. They chose us to work with them on their log home dream from start to finish. The Timberhaven model they selected was the Clear Creek model. Because they were long-distance Clients, we did everything by phone, email and snail mail.

But when the project was completed, they got the opportunity to see the inside of a log home for the very first time – and it was THEIR log home! At the same time, we finally had the opportunity to meet one another face-to-face for the first time! Pam and Rich put their faith, trust AND money in us and we did not disappoint them!

Here are some pictures of their home, before, during and after construction…

  • Log delivery
    The excitement begins with the first delivery. Note how all materials are strapped and covered in tarps to protect them from the elements and damage during transit.