A Timberhaven Hybrid Home combines standard conventional framed construction with timber frame accents to create the distinct aesthetics of a true timber frame home but at a lower cost than a full timber frame home. The extent of those accents are entirely up to each individual homeowner and, as with out timber frame and log homes, each home is completely customizable to meet your needs!

NOTE: Our hybrid home packages are priced at $92,905 (the Craftsman hybrid model) and up. You can expect your completed hybrid home (home package plus construction less well, septic and land) to cost at least $260,000 unless you do some or all of the construction yourself.

So, if you want the feel of a timber frame home but cannot afford one, we are pleased to offer our line of Hybrid Homes as an alternative!

So, why not take the next step, complete the contact form below and download our new Hybrid Home Catalog.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you select under $250,000 you will need to some or all of the construction yourself as this amount will NOT be sufficient to have a contractor build it entirely.
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