Scott and Deann came to us seeking to fulfill their log home dream. After sitting with them and discussing various floor plans and model options, they selected our Keystone model with a few modifications.

One of the most obvious options they selected was the hand-hewn feature on the exterior of the logs. We are sure that you will find that feature enhances the look of the logs and definitely will make an impression on visitors to their home for generations.

Here are several photographs of their home as it is being built just outside of Titusville, PA. The first material deliveries were made on January, 2018, and construction started immediately. As usually happens, the temperature on delivery day was in the teens and the snow was blowing. Then, as the workers started construction, they faced a fast thaw and heavy rains that turned the building site into a muddy mess. Then we got the freezing temperatures and heavy snows again. Oh well, construction continues whether it is nice weather or terrible weather and in NW Pennsylvania you learn this quickly!

  • Superior Wall Foundation installed and all set for home construction