Why Morningdale Log Homes as Representatives?  

  • Log and timber frame homes are our only business and our specialty.
  • We are the area’s exclusive representatives for Timberhaven Log and Timber Homes, serving New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  • We are local. You are not dealing with a salesperson several hundred of miles away!
  • We provide personalized service to our Clients, both before, during AND after the sale.
  • We listen to our Clients and offer money-saving advice whenever possible.
  • We offer quick estimates, usually the same day.
  • We can do custom designs in-house without our Client “waiting in line” for a corporate design engineer to do it. We call these “Copyrighted Conceptual Drawings” and we do not charge or Clients for these drawings provided the Clients sign a Sales Agreement and take delivery of a home package from us within 12-months of our first meeting, otherwise we will bill the Client $1000 for our time and effort.
  • We willingly show you our Clients’ homes (if made available by the owner). In fact, our own home serves as our model home.
  • We are recognized experts in our field and are frequent invited Guest Speakers at log and timber shows and home shows.
  • We own and live in a log home. Most log/timber home salespeople do not even live in a log/timber home – how can they truly tell you what log/timber home living is like?
  • We care about our Clients and help make their log, timber frame or hybrid home dream become their dream log home – just ask them.
  • We have received awards from Timberhaven Log and Timber Homes for our superior contributions as their authorized sales representatives.
  • We support numerous local community organizations through donations of time, money and goods.
  • We support our Clients after the sale with advice and maintenance supplies.
  • We edit, publish and distribute the Log Living Gazette©, our periodic newsletter, at no cost to our readers.
  • We have our own YouTube Channel featuring an ever increasing number of informative videos that we produce to answer your questions.
  • We edit, publish, update and distribute The ABCs of Log and Timber Homes©, our popular and informative video.
  • We were once like you, so we have been through the design and buying process ourselves. We researched for 30+ years before we decided to build our dream log home, and have loved every minute in it since.

Why Timberhaven Log and Timber Homes?

Complete Material Packages for  Your Peace of Mind

Combine the Log & Timber, Weather-Tight, and Finish Materials Packages of our product and you will be assured of getting the most complete log home package available. Be sure that you are careful when comparing product information as all log homes are not created equal. Avoid unpleasant surprises — the time to know what’s included for the construction of your log home is when you purchase the log home package, not on the job site.

 morningdale log homes, apples to apples comparison

We realize that not all log home material packages are the same. In fact log home companies differ in many ways from log styles, to species, to quality and quantity of materials and so on. For most log home buyers, it is nearly impossible to know what is included and what is missing from your package.

Morningdale Log Homes LLC and Timberhaven Log and Timber Homes LLC would like the chance to show you that we are one of the most complete log home suppliers in the industry, Timberhaven supplies quality materials in the quantity you will need to build your home, guaranteed. We will provide you with a detailed quote and product information showing you the materials that we have included in your home. If you have shopped other companies and you have a copy of their quote in hand, our experts will be happy to do an apples to apples comparison for you.

We feel confident that our home lines have more products included in our packages and at the best price. Maybe you only want a Log and Timber or Weather Tight package. That’s okay too, but let us do the apples to apples comparison for you no matter what packages you may need.

Once you review our product information and see what’s included for the price, we feel that you will clearly see that Timberhaven Log and Timber Homes really is the best value. What do you have to lose? Nothing! But what you might gain could be considerable. So just enter your contact information below or use our contact page and we will be happy to give you more details.

Material & Package Specifications

morningdale log homes, log and timber package

Log And Timber Package
  • Kiln-dried, precut, predrilled log walls (Eastern White Pine)
  • Kiln-dried, precut, predrilled log gables/dormers (Eastern White Pine)
  • Kiln-dried log siding for exterior framed walls, gables, dormers, garages (Eastern White Pine)
  • Kiln-dried log siding skirt board (Eastern White Pine) 4×10 perimeter box
  • Kiln-dried 6×8 or 8” round loft joists 8×12 loft beams
  • Glu-lam loft beams (as required)
  • Kiln-dried 6×6/8×8 corner posts
  • Kiln-dried 6×6/8×8 or 8” round support posts
  • Kiln-dried 6×8 rafters, precut
  • Kiln-dried 6×8 timber trusses/purlins, precut
  • Kiln-dried 6×8 chimney/skylight framing members
  • Kiln-dried 6×8 or 8” round collar ties
  • Kiln-dried 6×8 or 8” round loft ties
  • Kiln-dried 6×8 or 8” round exposed ceiling beams
  • Glu-lam ridge beams (as required)
  • Kiln-dried 6×8 or 8” round porch headers
  • Butylog sealant tape
  • Caulking/gaskets/chinking
  • 12’ lag bolts
  • Pre-cut splines
  • 8” polebarn nails
  • Steel gusset, plates, bolts, nuts, washers
  • Blueprints

Construction Manual

morningdale log homes, weather tight package

Weather Tight Package

All first-floor materials:

  • ¾” T&G subfloor sheathing
  • Construction adhesive
  • Metal joist hangers
  • Metal joist bridging
  • 2×10 floor joists
  • PT 6×6 girder support posts
  • (4) 2×12 girder beams
  • PT 2x sill plate and sill seal
  • Name brand windows and exterior doors with hardware, screens and grilles
  • Name brand exterior doors and hardware
  • 2x window and door bucks
  • Exterior window and door trim
  • 2x load-bearing partition framing
  • 2x framing for exterior walls, gables, dormers, garages
  • ½” wall sheathing for framed exterior walls, gables, dormers, garages
  • Vapor barrier for framed exterior walls, gables, dormers, garages
  • Pre-manufactured roof and gable-end trusses
  • 2×12 rafters
  • 2x ladder rake
  • 1” T&G pine soffit paneling
  • 1” T&G pine ceiling paneling and 15 lb. felt paper below rigid insulation of 6×8 rafter or 6×8 timber truss roof system
  • 2x fascia
  • 1x sub-fascia for 6×8 rafter or 6×8 timber truss roof system
  • ½” roof sheathing with H-clips
  • Synthetic roofing underlayment
  • Ice and water shield
  • 30-year Architectural shingles
  • Drip edge, flashing
  • Ridge vent, strip vent

Porch materials

  • Kiln-dried or PT 6×6 porch posts
  • Kiln-dried or PT 6×6 porch post braces
  • Kiln-dried or PT 8” round porch posts
  • PT 2x floor joists, headers
  • Metal joist hangers
  • 2x rafters,
  • 2x ceiling joists
morningdale log homes finish materials package

Finish Materials Package
  • 2x non-load-bearing partition framing
  • 1”T&G pine interior partition wall and ceiling paneling
  • 1”T&G pine paneling for interior side of framed gable/dormer walls
  • R-19 fiberglass insulation for exterior framed gable/dormer walls
  • Composition floor:
  • 1” T&G pine subfloor (first layer) *¾” T&G subfloor (second layer)
  • 2×6 pine T&G loft flooring
  • Loft/stair rail materials:
  • 6×6 posts (pre-2016, these were 4×4 posts)
  • 2×4 railing
  • 8” round posts
  • 4 ½” round railing
  • 2” round balusters
  • Solid-wood, raised-panel interior doors with hardware
  • Solid-wood, raised-panel or louvered bi-fold doors with hardware
  • Interior pine trim for windows, interior and exterior doors
  • Interior window sills
  • ¼” pine baseboard
  • R-38 fiberglass insulation for 2x rafter roof, pre-manufactured truss roof systems
  • Insulation baffle board and plastic vapor barrier for 2x rafter roof, pre-manufactured truss roof systems
  • Stair materials:
  • Basement: 2×12 stringers, 2x treads
  • Finish: 2×12 stringers, 2x treads, 1x pine risers
  • Exposed: 4×12 pine stringers, 4x pine treads
  • Spiral: 4×12 pine treads, 4×6 posts with 1” rope handrail, pre-cut (will not meet IRC)
  • Log: log stringers, ½” log treads, pre-cut (will not meet IRC)
  • Deck/Balcony materials:
  • Kiln-dried or PT 6×6 posts
  • Kiln-dried or PT 2×4 railings *Kiln-dried or PT 2×2 balusters
  • Kiln-dried or PT 8” round posts *Kiln-dried or PT 4 ½” round railing
  • Kiln-dried or PT 2” round balusters
  • PT 5/4 flooring
  • PT 2x floor joists, headers
  • Metal joist hangers
  • Porch materials:
  • 1” T&G pine ceiling paneling
  • PT 5/4 flooring
  • Kiln-dried or PT 2×4 railings
  • Kiln-dried or PT 2×2 balusters
  • Kiln-dried or PT 4 ½” round railing
  • PT 2” round balusters

Exterior preservative, stain, insecticide

NOTE: Materials may vary from the above depending on the home design and construction. Timberhaven Log and Timber Homes reserves the right to change materials and specifications at any time without prior notice.